The SLIK Guide
to the Apocalypse

Tips for working from home

Tips for working from home

As you might’ve heard, there’s a pandemic sweeping the world. It's damaging businesses, closing borders and ruining Easter for Nonnas everywhere.

It’s all a bit doom and gloom but the upside is that we all get to work from home. YAY. Unfortunately, the novelty does wear off eventually, so we thought we’d put together a light-hearted list of 5 things to try while you’re isolating.

Get prison-fit

Have you ever thought that going to prison seemed like a great way to get in shape? Well, you’re in luck, because with almost no imagination needed, you can live that fantasy. We’ve seen some exceptionally creative home workouts do the rounds on social media but, if you want to take it remotely seriously, hit up YouTube for some tutorials and when this all blows over you can return to work looking totally jacked, bro.

Enjoy a new haircut without someone saying “new haircut?”

Video chat is making a lot of dreams come true. Pantsless meetings, pets on desks and the true crème de la crème - minimal social interaction. This means it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with style with little to no commentary from your colleagues. If they catch you out on video, you can always say it’s just a new filter. The perfect crime.

Make Heston Blumenthal look like a phony

Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel accidentally combines 2 recipes and makes a mincemeat trifle? Well with the lack of supplies we’re facing, that’s looking less funny and more like an efficient use of ingredients. Desperate times call for desperate measures so get creative in the kitchen and if you end up having to make a meal entirely out of condiments we want you to know it’s ok.

Invest in the meme economy

We seem to have collectively entered a bit of a meme renaissance. It’s not what the movies told us would happen when the planet faces a global threat but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a thing of beauty. It’s important to laugh in times of duress so we say get stuck in. Create, share and invest some time in memes and remember that you’re not in it alone.

Probably talk to someone

It can be surprisingly easy to go 24 hours without talking to anyone when you’re shut indoors so make sure you remember to use your voice. Talk to your family, your friends, your Deliveroo guy, your dog, yourself. Don’t forget, you're the voice, try and understand it. Make a noise and make it clear. Oh, whoa. We're not gonna sit in silence. We're not gonna live with fear. Ohhhhhhh, whoooooaaaaaa.